Prayer for a Strange Season

NOTE: I’ve been thinking about much more than just interfaith dialogue in this strange post-college season, so I’ve decided to expand the breadth of this blog.  I’ll write what I want, yo, because, well, no one reads this blog anyway, and writing is how I best process my thoughts and feelings.

I was introduced to the following prayer by my friend Jasmine at a recent meeting of our prayer home group, and I found it particularly apropos of this current stage of life:


O Thou who art the Lord of the night as of the day and to whose will all the stars are obedient, in this hour of darkness I too would submit my will to Thine.

From the stirrings of self-will within my heart:
From cowardly avoidance of necessary duty:
From rebellious shrinking from necessary suffering:
From discontentment with my lot:
From jealousy of those whose lot is easier:
From thinking lightly of the one talent Thou hast give me, because Thou hast not given me five or ten:
From uncreaturely pride:
From undisciplined thought:
From unwillingness to learn and unreadiness to serve:

O God, set me free.

O God my Father, who art often closest to me when I am farthest from Thee and who art near at hand even when I feel that Thou hast forsaken me, mercifully grant that the defeat of my self-will may be the triumph in me of Thine eternal pupose.

May I grow more sure of Thy reality and power:
May I attain a clearer mind as to the meaning of my life on earth:
May I strengthen my hold upon life eternal:
May I look more and more to things unseen:
May my desires grow less unruly and my imaginations more pure:
May my love for my fellow men [and women] grow deeper and more tender, and may I be more willing to take their burdens upon myself.

To Thy care, O God, I commend my soul and the souls of all whom I love and who love me; through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.

A Diary of Private Prayer, by John Baillie


One Comment on “Prayer for a Strange Season”

  1. beverlyburgett says:

    My choir director gave me this book when I graduated from high school. Thanks for the inspiration to revisit its rich pages.

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